S925 Silver Dominican Natural Blue Amber Pendant ABDJ-P015

S925 Silver Dominican Natural Blue Amber Pendant ABDJ-P015

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Natural blue amber from Dominican Republic. Each blue amber is formed after 15-20 thousand years,which makes it extremely rare.

All our products are inlaid with the 925 silver In addition,each blue amber are hand-polished by an experienced master.


Wearing Instructions:

1. Avoid high temperatures

it can not be in a high temperature environment for a long time, otherwise it will result in cracks. Therefore,it should not be exposed to the sun.

2. Avoid acid-alkali substances

Some acid-alkali substances in cosmetics or other products will affect the beauty and color.

3. Avoid abrasion

Its hardness is not high, the texture is relatively crisp, which is easily broken.Therefore,take off it when doing exercise.

4. Store it separately

When storing Lamper, it is better to prepare a separate jewelry box for storage, do not put it together with other jewelry, otherwise the friction between it is easy to produce scratches, reduce the beauty and value.

5. Avoid oil pollution

Oil has always been difficult to remove, if the surface of it stained, should be immediately wiped with a clean and soft cloth, wipe the force should not be too large, so as not to avoid the surface.

6. Wear it regularly

For Blue amber,the best maintenance is to wear it more often to keep the bright brilliance.