About Us

In the past 7 years our team have spent a lot of time searching for a unique path that we all want to pursue. A path that we can be recognized with. In reality, most artists like us are financially poor, we need to make and sell commercial item to make a living. On the other hand, we use the extra money we make to create our own silver trend and travel all around the world to learn new things and skills. As a result, our team have traveled  to Tuscon, USA;Bangkok, Thailand; Tibet; Tokyo, Japan; Sichuan and Yunnan, China.

In Tuscon, We were amazed by how Native American can made Belt buckle pieces that are combined with American turquoise and coral with so much styles. In Bangkok, we were shocked that they can make so many designs in Buddha pendants with extreme details.In Tibet, we discovered silver can be inherited by families for many decades but we can still see its extreme details after many years. In Tokyo, different stories about Goro Takahashi has inspired us in many different ways. Especially when he said: Start your journey with your heart, free your soul and do what you love to do. In Sichuan and Yunnan, people live with silver. Its part of their lives for many decades. They respect silver like we respect our elders.


We were very fortunate that everywhere we go we have learned and discoverednew silver craftsmanship skills and their silver traditions. At the End, we found our path and we created TopHandSilver with a purpose that everybody around the world can afford to wear our unique and skillful craftsmanship works. We will continuous use this website as a platform to publish our own design pieces. 

Contact Us: support@tophandsilver.com  +1 ‪(510) 831-0804‬