Stories of Takahashi Goro

Silver jewelry is a kind of jewelry that is easy to be carved by time. It carries the wearer's story, blends into the wearer's sweat, rubs the wearer's skin, and slowly turns into its exclusive gray black.


Handmade silverware is simple and authentic, which can transcend time and language. Japanese handmade silverware brand Goro's is a rare artistic gem among silverware. Today I will show you the legendary story of GORO’s and his founder Goro Takahashi.

Waist-length silver hair, gray beard, piercing eyes, leather boots and all kinds of silver accessories worn, Harley motorcycle and a medium-sized dog with pure white coat that always accompanied him.The GORO'S brand is just like Takahashi, and is praised by others.

Japan Goro's is a world-renowned silver jewelry brand. Its founder, Goro Takahashi, learned the technique of making silver jewelry in American Indian tribes and blended Indian culture into handmade silver jewelry. His hand-carved flying eagles and beautiful eagle feathers are all lifelike.

Takahashi was born in Tokyo. His father was a businessman who went to the village to do business. In the early years of Showa, Japan was very poor after the war, and it was an era when daily necessities and food were very scarce. As a businessman, his father spent a few months when he went out. Even in such a difficult period, the father who loves literature still put down his luggage as soon as he got home, picked up paper and pen and began to write.

Takahashi has always admired his father since he was a child. Under his father's influence, no matter how difficult the living environment is, he always treats life with optimism and insists on his creation and beliefs.

Goro Takahashi, who fell in love with silverware, saw ancient Indian ornaments by chance when he went to an exhibition. He was very shocked. He felt that the shape was exactly his prototype, so he decided to go to an Indian named DAKOTA in New Mexico, USA. Tribal learning.


For many years, Goro Takahashi was kicked to break bones by horses when he experienced the test of equestrianism. He repeatedly used the claws of an eagle to draw a totem on his chest without anesthesia, and was accepted by the Indians and taught him the art of silverware.

 It is worth mentioning that Takahashi Goro experienced a "naming ceremony". This ceremony was the last step that Takahashi Goro was recognized by the Indians. The ritual step was to light a pile of fire, and then let the person who received the ceremony sit away from the fire. Near the place, accept the baptism of sweat, the Indians believe that such sweat can wash the soul of a person.

Takahashi Goro was so dizzy and almost fainted. He suddenly saw an eagle squatting on a rock, its feathers dancing with the wind. The eagle turned his head and stared straight at Takahashi Goro for an instant. , Takahashi Goro really feels that his soul has been sublimated.

This one who has grown up in years of hardship is an Oriental Condor with a pure courageous Indian soul. It is also the Indian name given by Takahashi Goro,YELLOW EAGLE.


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