Turquoise Meaning and Efficacy

What is turquoise?

Turquoise is a very common mineral in jewelry, especially in the southwestern United States and the Middle East. It is one of the oldest amulets and a symbol of wealth and prosperity in many ancient cultures. It has to do with the connection of the spiritual world.

Turquoise is a stunning blue-green mineral with a chemical complex that includes aluminum, copper and phosphate. Unlike many other gems, this stone is opaque and while purely colored, plain gems are the most valued, strong inclusions that create a delicate marbling or web texture in the stone in shades of white, brown or black can be just as desirable. Rich blue hues are the rarest and most valued of all turquoise colors, but this stone can be readily found ranging from pale whitish to many shades of blue, including robin's egg, powder and sky blue. Greenish tones are often the least desirable and can range from apple green to yellow-green, and can still make stunning jewelry.

Turquoise was introduced into Europe from Turkey, meaning "turquoise." The highest quality turquoise is produced in Iran. Today, most gems come from the United States or Mexico.

What is efficacy and role of turquoise?

Turquoise is a phosphate mineral containing a variety of trace elements. Wearing it for a long time can promote cell regeneration and enhance the body's immunity. As one of the four famous jade, turquoise is also very powerful. So what are the effects and functions of turquoise? The physiology of the efficacy and role of turquoise .

Turquoise contains many trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. Long-term wearing can promote cell regeneration, enhance immunity, and strengthen the body. Turquoise can be used as medicine to remove wind and cold, dissolve congestion, clear away heat and toxins, reduce inflammation and stop bleeding, lower blood pressure, and have a good effect on the treatment of lung and respiratory problems.

At the same time, it has a certain effect on treating a series of diseases such as ulcer, heartache, liver disease and so on. Turquoise can also treat eye diseases and also has a certain effect on radiation protection. So we think turquoise is very suitable for office workers who face the computer all day.  

The psychology of the efficacy and function of turquoise,Turquoise is regarded as the birthstone of December, symbolizing victory and success, and is known as the "Stone of Success" and "Stone of Lucky." Turquoise can bring courage and confidence to people, make people get along well with people around them, harmonize interpersonal communication, reconcile people's emotions and psychology, so as to maintain a healthy and cheerful mood, and make people full of positive energy. Wearing for a long time can make people often maintain a cheerful and open personality, making it easier for people to release the energy of love.

The color of turquoise and turquoise blue is regarded by the Indians as the spirit of the blue sea and blue sky, which symbolizes infinite luck and auspiciousness. Collectors in our country believe that turquoise has unparalleled power and is often used to make Buddhist articles, such as turquoise rosary beads.

Turquoise has the effects of gathering wealth, prospering wealth, warding off evil spirits, and protecting peace. Wearing it can ward off evil spirits and be blessed by the gods. Place turquoise ornaments in the house or hang a few turquoise stones, which have the effect of a town house, evil spirits and evil spirits.


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