How to treat GOROS Takahashi Goro jewelry oxidation

Takahashi's jewelry generally rarely shows international purity labels. The reason is personally speculated that it is mainly made by hand, semi-manual rather than mechanized mass production, but its purity should be higher percentage of gold and silver, with alloy-based raw materials. It can maintain its hardness and gloss under a more exquisite appearance.

Regarding oxidation and post-maintenance, I will share some of my personal experience. I will only briefly mention the scientific statement, which is the reaction of silver sulfide. Silver is an active metal that easily reacts with sulfur in the air, causing silverware to turn black. 

I like the comparison of Takahashi's gold and silver jewelry after oxidation. It is mentioned in the so-called old magazine that after Goro Takahashi was injured in the old studio in 1987, he has been advocating the method of mixing and matching gold and silver.

Summary of my own wearing experience. In fact, the more uniform oxidation can occur after wearing and placing for a long time. In addition, the amount of negative oxygen ions in the air where the wearer is located, the temperature, and the moderateness have certain reasons:

According to my personal experience, I have worn it in a hot spring, but it is unnaturally denied.
Sulfur soap is unnatural, it can be seen by comparison
Hanging in the bathroom, not very useful
Hanging on the heat sink of the computer case for a week, a little blackened
When riding a motorcycle into the mountains in summer, the part closest to the neck becomes very dark
When the heat rash arises in summer, the place where it touches the neck is the first black
When air pollution is serious in winter, it is easy to turn yellow, and it is easy to oxidize when put in a deerskin bag.

Necklace jewelry oxidizes faster than bracelets and rings. The so-called colorful oxidation requires a specific light to see. In addition, if you wear it every day, even oxidized things will partly brighten through friction with skin cotton products. There is also a process of oxidation. The initial stage is definitely uneven yellow.

In addition, even two feathers purchased at the same time may not necessarily be oxidized at the same time. I have also met friends who wear them in a week as dark as I have been in five or six years, but after all, they are a minority.
Regarding cleaning, I recommend that you wipe it with a wet paper towel or rinse with water if it is stained with dirt or food residues. If you want to use silver washing water for uneven oxidation, it is not recommended to soak for a long time, and it will still be affected even after cleaning. Once oxidized, silver will definitely oxidize unless it is sealed and stored, but for jewelry, it must be worn.

This is still related to the wearer or the environment. The effect of each person's wearing is also slightly different. Don't be too deliberate. Jewelry should be unique to its owner.


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