How to tell the authenticity of Takahashi Goro's feather necklace?

    The most well-known silver jewelry brands in the trend world are Japan’s Takahashi Goro and the United States’ Chrome Hearts. Among them, Takahashi Goro is even more legendary, with ancient Indian styles that symbolize freedom and courage, plus scarce pure handwork. , Let Takahashi Goro become a classic fashion brand.

    Although Mr. Goro Takahashi passed away 13 years, his apprentices continue to pass on hand-made products and the brand's popularity continues. With the low quantity and high price, even in Japan, there have been many fake Takahashi Goro feathers and other fake products. There is a flood of fakes on the market, and there are a few cases of overwhelming genuine ones. Take the well-known Takahashi Goro feather necklace as an example, here are some simple identification methods for your reference.

   The identification of Takahashi Goro's feathers is mainly divided into two steps, one "observe" and the other "measure".


  • Overall observation
    The overall observation of feathers is the first step in judging the authenticity. Make basic judgments about feathers by observing the front, back, and sides of feathers.
  • Zoom in to observe the details
    Details are the second step of the truthfulness judgment. Observe the characteristics and identification points of feathers and make preliminary judgments.
    The observation points include knife marks, detailed lines, eagle marks on the back, feather holes and gloss, etc.
1. Zoom in and carefully observe whether the 4 knife marks engraved on the right feather pole are consistent with the original features.
2. Feather texture details
   The texture of the genuine Takahashi Goro's feathers is clear and the lines are natural. Most of the silver areas with gold feathers will also deliberately create lines and gaps. Pay attention to the texture of the small golden feathers, which should be finer and clearer than the silver texture. . And many fake gold feathers have a thicker texture.
    In addition, the texture of the genuine feather is bright in the raised position, while the dent position is a matte-like rough surface, with a natural transition. The lines of the fake Takahashi Goro's feathers are mostly die-cast with thin films and are not made by hand. Therefore, the grooves of the lines are also shiny, and the whole is easier to reflect and brighten.
3. Feather handle with silk detail
   The place where the golden feathers and the silver feathers meet has a very realistic twisting effect created by delicate handwork. The thickness and luster of the twisted silk are very clear and uniform and vary with the thickness of the feather stalk.
   Fake feathers are simply pressing silk to imitate winding silk, and do not produce the silver silk effect that they should be.
4. Zoom in and carefully observe whether the eagle poke on the back of the feather is clear.
5. From the side, magnify and observe the holes of the feathers to see if the shape conforms to the characteristics of the original version and if they are elongated or thickened.
6. Details on the back of the gold flywheel
   Each small accessory of the authentic Takahashi Goro jewelry is exquisitely hand-made. There are many hand-nicks on the surface of the gold flywheel, which seem to be casual but are striking white streaks in the Indian style. As shown in the figure below, the horizontal lines in the red circle are all handmade, with a rough style and a gray background. The diamond symbol next to it is composed of <and> interlaced, and the thickness and background color have obvious rules.
   The stripes and diamond-shaped symbols of the fake pendants are all machine-made. The background of the dents is black, and there is no element of Indian style. Even the original diamond symbol was made into a square.
7. The luster of feather silver jewelry
   Takahashi Goro's silver products use ancient Indian craftsmanship and formulas, allowing 925 silverware to form special oxidation over time, with a little black, and a sense of precipitation over time. The luster of the genuine Takahashi Goro feathers will appear silver-gray with the wearing time, but will not be too bright. Usually the surface of fake Takahashi Goro feathers is brighter, and they will be brighter after daily wear, showing gloss similar to stainless steel products. These are abnormal.
   In addition to the observation of details, measuring the size is also an important part of authenticity.
  • Size
    Measure the size of the feathers. The length of the original Takahashi Goro feathers is about 68mm, and the imitations are usually 1-2mm smaller (except for individual hand-made versions, which are very costly and very rare on the market).

  • Weight
    Take the silver claws and larger gold feathers as an example. The original weight is about 15 grams, and the imitations are usually within 13 grams. (Special imitations need further observation)
    There are many styles of Goro Takahashi feathers, but the craftsmanship and standards are the same. We find their commonalities and brand characteristics in them to help you start the road of exploration.


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