After wearing silver jewelry, do not put it in the same drawer or jewelry box with other jewelry at will, because the hardness of various metals and gems is different, which will cause serious friction and loss

Inlaid silver jewelry is often worn, and should be checked once a month to observe whether there are traces of loose inlays.
Silver jewelry products are easy to oxidize and lose their luster when the human body secretes sweat. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear silver jewelry during a lot of exercise.

When not wearing it, remember to seal it and store it. Don't put it in a place with your hands. This will easily cause its oxidation and discoloration.
Do not remove silver bracelets frequently because the texture is very soft. Silver bracelets are easily deformed regardless of high purity or low purity. Do not try to correct the deformed bracelet by yourself. It is recommended to send it to a silver jewelry store for correction.

After the silver jewelry turns yellow, you can wipe it with a silver polishing cloth/toothpaste (without abrasive particles). Generally, the oxidation is not very serious and the previous brightness can be restored. If you can't handle it by yourself, you can go to the store to clean it with special silver washing water (not recommended for regular use).

Avoid contact with sulfur soap, shower gel and cosmetics. Sulfur and silver will react chemically, and certain ingredients in shower gel and cosmetics will corrode silver. And don’t wear silver jewelry when bathing in hot springs, and try not to touch the sea water, these will wear off silver jewelry.

The oily fume generated during cooking not only harms the skin but also some silver jewelry, which can be taken off during cooking.


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