How can you tell real turquoise?

What is your opinion?

Turquoise is naturally a soft stone, but howlite (the turquoise imitation), is even softer. This means that if you scratch your stone and it scratches easily, you most likely have a piece of howlite. But if it's very difficult to scratch your stone, you've got genuine turquoise!

1.The quality of turquoise is related to density, the greater the density, the heavier the quality, and the more porcelain the surface, and the general turquoise water is strong, the surface is rough.

2.Turquoise is very easy to counterfeit, shoddy, generally good porcelain density, not water absorption, of course, the price is very expensive. But general turquoise quality of a material is easy bibulous, so often original stone can pass immersion experiment

3.If you put half of the original stone in water, there will be obvious marks when you take it out, whereas the fake one will not.

4.Many businesses will fake the original stone drying, and then immersed in natural resin to increase the hardness and porcelain of the original stone, or the surface brush rubber polishing to pretend to be high-grade goods.

5.The general test method can use red iron needle, put the stone iron line (crack) three seconds, if there is burning phenomenon is false.

6.Turquoise can also be immersed in water, for a long time the real stone surface will have uniform blisters, and false is not.

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