Goro Takahashi (GORO'S RING)

一、Feather Ring

Feather is one of the most classic elements in Takahashi Goro, and the feather ring is well-deserved as a must-have item for Takahashi Goro's ring. It's also a good starter.

feather ring

二、Flat Dot Gold Ring


The flat ring is made of gold and silver, and the main body of the bracelet is made by repeatedly beating a piece of silver, so it is called a flat ring. There are only 9 edgings on the golden bird stamp pad, and every part is the meticulous work of the master. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, this ring is well worth having.


三、Dot Gold Feather Ring

The golden feather ring is welded on the basis of the plain furring, which is more vivid.

四、Turquoise Feather Ring

The feather ring is set with a silver rope and is hand-wrapped with natural turquoise, which is especially popular among female players.

五、Square Thunderbird Ring

925 silver with 18k gold thunderbird stamp, very strong Indian style, it is this Indian style that makes this ring can be matched with any style of clothing.

六、Gold Feather Ring

The first gold feather ring is somewhat different from the feather ring. The difference is that the feathers are half gold and half silver seamlessly welded together, which is a must for high play.